World Ag Expo

We Live Milk: Automated, Sustainable Solutions Help You Do More With Less

Milk is at our core and is the spirit of what we do every day. Join us as we celebrate World Ag Expo’s 50 year anniversary on February 14 – 16 in Tulare, CA. You’ll see how our dedication to dairy drives us to create integrated solutions which help producers do more with less.

Our relentless pursuit of top milk quality, optimized herd health and enhanced productivity continues to be the basis of automated and labor-efficient technologies. We can help farmers challenged by tighter margins, unreliable labor and/or higher labor costs by offering solutions designed to work smarter and more efficient.

When you visit our booth, you can expect to:

  • Walk inside our  Voluntary Milking Robot (VMS™) designed to enhance your productivity. You’ll see, when every second counts, that VMS is the right solution for your robotic farm. 
  • Discuss your dream robotic dairy.  No longer just the domain of small farms, robotic milking offers benefits for virtually any size herd. Our design experts will be on hand to help you see what's possible.
  • Watch the teat spray robot (TSR) in action to see how it improves efficiency in rotary parlors. Automating pre and post teat spray applications, TSR reduces the need for labor.
  • See our premium cow comfort solutions including the Swinging Cow Brush SCB and Mini Swinging Brush MSB. Enter at the booth for a chance to win an SCB (click here to see contest rules)   
  • See the new calf feeder CF1000s which helps give calves a good start. This cost efficient calf rearing tool can be programmed for specific ration and feeding plans.
  • Check out the body condition scoring BCS for DeLaval VMS™ and the advanced DelPro 5.1 software, both helping to improve proactive herd management.
  • Discover solutions for all your milk quality concerns. From premium teat dips to experts on hand to discuss management practices, you’ll find a solution customized to your situation.
  • Thinking of processing your milk? Check out our sanitation solutions for processing equipment.

 Also be sure to come tell us how you live milk!

February 14-15, 2017

Tuesday 9am-5pm
Wednesday 9am-5pm
Thursday 9am-4pm

International Agri-Center
4450 South Laspina Street,
Tulare CA 93274

DeLaval Booths

DeLaval SCB Drawing

Stop by booth DS93-96 for a chance to win a DeLaval SCB. View drawing rules here.

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