Feedtech Silage

Feedtech Silage

Feed management

The Feedtech™ Silage assortment contains a range of products, which are tailor-made for the different silage crops and their specific ensiling conditions: for grass and maize silage, silage from alfalfa or other grass/legume mixes, or whole crop cereals.

Farm profitability 

Reducing losses caused by poor forage fermentation increases the amount of dry matter available. This may reduce the acreage needed for silage cropping. Reducing silage wastage saves feed costs; improving silage quality increases dry matter intake, encouraging more milk production.

Animal welfare 

Feedtech Silage can reduce the levels of yeast and mould. Reducing high levels of bacteria improves silage palatability and provides for better animal health.


Feed wastage at the bunker can be reduced by half, i.e. 15% of untreated silage is wasted on average compared with 7.5% waste for treated silage. This saves energy emissions to air, e.g. contributing to climate change.

Social responsibility

Fewer bunker gases and effluent are released from the silage mass, which improves the working environment.

Sustainable Dairy Farming


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