DeLaval pipeline milking system

Suitable for:

DeLaval offers complete pipeline milking systems for small and large herd sizes. We take full responsibility for the whole system including milking, vacuum, cleaning and cooling.

Core benefits

  • For small and large herd sizes
  • Enables milkers to work efficiently
  • Boosts milker performance

Invest in your cows

Milk yield has increased so much over the past few years that if you have an old pipeline system it may be inadequate for your milk production now. Your cows deserve a new pipeline milking system to maintain milk quality and udder health – and your profitability. New large diameter pipes combined with a new vacuum pump will help provide a stable vacuum level during milking. This will help stimulate milk let-down and be good for your cows’ udder health. New DeLaval DelPro™ milking units improve cow performance, and automatic system cleaning and rapid milk cooling will help ensure your top quality milk stays that way.

Upgrade step by step

Upgrading your milking system may be the simplest and smartest way to start modernizing your stanchion barn. Substantial rewards can be achieved quickly for a relatively small investment.

DeLaval carrier rail

Faster milking through improved operator performance. The DeLaval carrier rail system enables milkers to work efficiently throughout the barn, without physically carrying milking units and supplies. It is an investment in ergonomic efficiency that can also be used for chores like moving milk buckets to the calves.

A DeLaval carrier rail boosts milker performance. As operators can transport more milking units, the carrier rail reduces work routine time: it improves operator mobility and makes work easier, which enables faster milking and higher productivity per milker.

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