DeLaval Cascade™ parallel parlor

Suitable for:

Core benefits

  • 1x3/3 up to 2x50/100
  • All Exit/All Index
  • Gang Exit/Gang Index optional
  • 27” or 28” stall width
  • galvanized or stainless steel

Prioritizing speed and efficiency

Cascade™ parallel parlour is designed to increase the speed of cow traffic and allow smooth, free cow flow. Cows enter quickly because they have a shorter distance to walk compared to other parlor designs. To prevent preloading, overlapping sequencing gates close automatically after each cow exits a stall. A wide cow entry lane lets cows enter their stalls without making a sharp turn, which would otherwise slow them down.

Cow and milker comfort

The open bottom neck rail is designed to fit the cow’s shoulder so there’s no pressure on her sensitive areas. In addition, Cascade™ parallel parlor shortens the distance between you and each cow to help minimize operator movement. Control stations are located in the milking pit for easy overall operation.

Heavy duty construction

Cascade™ parallel parlors are made from corrosion-resistant, hot dipped galvanized steel and stainless steel for economical, heavy duty operation. All bends and edges are rounded for maximum safety and welded. The Cascade™ is an all galvanized stall built on 27” stall centers. Neck-rails are constructed in three and four-cow gangs from two-inch black material, then hot dipped galvanized for corrosion protection. The butt pan with elevated gutter is made from 10-gauge stainless steel and is suspended with arches to provide a post-free work area for the operator. Horizontal cross support pipe are used at every arch. Four-inch galvanized columns are used to support the arches and neck-rails. Entrance gates are hinged from the cow platform side to allow all cows easy access to the stalls. Sequencing gates are a four-pipe construction, made from hot dipped galvanized material and floor mounted. An external stainless steel spring is used to close each sequencing gate and keep it closed as cows load the parlor. The parlor package includes All Index, All-EXIT and air power for the entrance gate.

Save space and time

GE/GI (Gang Exit/Gang Index) option lets operators begin preparing cows as the string enters the parlor. The space-saving design uses 27 inch (686mm) wide stalls and indexing rails to correctly position cows for easy udder access. Manure and urine is collected in a butt pan trough and channeled directly out of the parlor. This provides good working conditions, maintains sanitary udders during milking and simplifies clean-up.


Standard features include:
- ALL-EXIT™/All Index™
- Adjustable powered index system
- 4" aluminum duplex air cylinder
- Hot-dipped galvanized steel construction
- Suspended 10-guage stainless steel butt pan with elevated gutter
- Floor mounted sequencing gates with external return springs
- Three-position open bottom neck rail design
- Hinged entrance gate

Optional features include:
- Gang Exit/Gang Index
- DeLaval milking point MP700
- EnVision™
- CIP cabinetry
- Upgrade to sliding entry gate
- Special stall centers – 28”
- Cascade for Jerseys

- From 2 x 3
- Stall centers: 27" (686mm)


Cascade™ parallel parlour

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