DeLaval Champion™ parallel parlor

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Suitable for:

Core benefits

  • 1x4/4 up to 2x60/120
  • All-ExitTM
  • No sequence gates in floor
  • 27” or 28” stall width

Re-model the future

Champion™ parallel parlor is specifically designed for use in re-modeling situations. It can be quickly installed and requires minimal on-site welding.

Quick and simple installation

Sequencing gates are neck-rail mounted to eliminate the cow platform’s sequencing gate posts – offering reduced installation time and a fast deck clean-up. Champion™ is built to withstand 24 hour, 7 days a week operation. Sizes availability ranges from a double 4 and larger, for installation in a new or existing facility.

Efficient cow flow

Champion™ parallel parlor works well in barns with narrow exit alleys. The neck rails lift vertically to release the cows from the parlor. Because they do not rotate above the exit alley, these neck rails can also be lowered to the load position while exiting cows are in the exit alley. Reloading can begin directly after exiting. 

Trouble-free cleaning

The parlor’s framework is made of galvanized carbon-steel and adjustable air-powered indexing comes standard. The stainless-steel butt-pan with elevated gutter is easy to clean and built to last. 

Easy udder access

The entire neck rail indexes. This indexing encourages cows to step back over the elevated gutter and back against the butt-pan, positioning each udder close to the operator for easy claw attachment. Proper indexing is the key to safe, comfortable and clean milking.


Standard features Include:
- Vertical lift neck rails of hot dipped galvanized structural steel. (4 and 5 cow sections).
- Neck rail mounted sequencing gates of hot dipped galvanized steel with UHMW bushings.
- Indexing with adjustable index air pressure..
- ALL-EXIT™ release with controls.
- Air cylinders to power ALL-EXIT ™ functions.
- 10-gauge stainless-steel butt-pans with elevated gutter.
- Suspended arch assemblies of 6” x 3” (152x76 mm) galvanized carbon steel.
- Sliding entrance gates of galvanized carbon steel.
- Stainless-steel entrance gate cylinders with controls.

Optional features include:

- Milking automation cabinetry.
- EnVision cabinetry or CIP for EnVision with hose passages.
- EnVision curb.
- Stainless-steel skirting.
- Stainless-steel raceway with lift-off cover.
- Deck flush nozzles.
- Remote start controls.
- Light cabinet.
- Installation kit.
- Front-End-Only packages on 27” or 28” centers.

- Double 4, 5, 8 and larger.
- Stall centers: 27” (685 mm) on-centre.
- Overall height required: 8’ 8” (2682 mm).
- Minimum cow platform width: 11’ (2950 mm)
- Optimum cow platform width: 14’ (4267 mm)
- Pit width recommended: 8’ to 10’ (2430 to 3048 mm)


Champion™ parallel parlour

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