Pulsator HP102

Suitable for:

Core benefits

  • Hydraulic pulsator
  • 60 ppm rate, adjustable
  • Ratio 65/35, 70/30, 60/40

With adjustable pulsation rate and ratio'

Reliability – Controlled Flexibility – Stability

The pulsator is in many respects the most important part of your milking plant. It must maintain a constant pulsation rate and ratio, regardless of temperature, humidity and other factors. Based on its well proven design, DeLaval pulsator HP102 has features which give optimal performance, high reliability and maximal durability.

DeLaval pulsator HP102 has an adjustable pulsation rate to fit vacuum conditions in the milking plant. It is manufactured in tough, long lasting materials and works without the need of electricity.

Pulsation rate and pulsation ratio

Constant intervals between the changes in pressure are important to ensure rapid milking and good udder health. These changes are governed by the pulsation rate. The relationship between the length of the suction and the massage phase is an important factor for ensuring optimal teat treatment. This relationship is determined by the pulsation ratio. By replacing the pulse slide, other pulsation ratios can be achieved. DeLaval pulsator HP102 assures constant pulsation rate and ratio to give you maximal milking performance.

Adjustable pulsation rate

The pulsator must consistently maintain the same rate, delivering the same number of pulses each minute. DeLaval pulsator HP102 is supplied pre-adjusted to give 60 ppm at 50 kPa. If a lower installation vacuum is used, the pulsator can be re-adjusted to give the same pulsation rate. Deviation can be adjusted by turning the spindle. This adjustment should be made by a DeLaval service engineer.

Adjustable pulsation ratio

The pulsation ratio is define to be a compromise between the faster milk extraction possible and the minimum stress on the teats to avoid health trouble. HP102 is designed to allow 3 differents pulsation ratio: 60-40; 65-35; 30-70.


Most importantly, the DeLaval pulsator HP102 functions without electricity. This allows for easy installation, safe execution and the flexibility to perform under all environments and conditions.

Technical data

Pulsation rate: 60 ppm adjustable
Pulsation ratio: 65/35 alt. 70/30 alt. 60/40
Weight: 400 grams
Ambient temp: max +55°C


pulsator HP102

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