Pulsator EP2090

Suitable for:

Core benefits

  • Electronic pulsator
  • 60 ppm standard rate (50 w. DuoVac)
  • Ratio 65/35, 70/30, 60/40
  • Efficient electronic pulsation

Accurate and efficient pulsation in the milking parlor

DeLaval pulsator EP 2090 gives consistent pulsation rate and ratio regardless of temperature, humidity or other environmental factors. Its heart is a highly accurate quartz crystal and all components are manufactured from high-grade electronic components. The circuit board is carefully tested prior to molding for extra reliability in the tough farm environment.

Total compatibility

DeLaval EP 2090 fits all types of parlor installations and our total range of milking carriers.

Low energy with easy installation

DeLaval EP 2090 combines low-energy 12V solenoids (magnetic) for marginal power consumption. DeLaval EP 2090 is powered by low-voltage (12V) cabling and supplied with prefabricated electrical junctions for trouble-free installation. The snap-on junctions are designed for connection to Combi cocks.

Less maintenance

This pulsator uses vacuum-operated diaphragm valves. The minimal movement of these valves increases service life, rapidity of response and precision so there’s less need for service or maintenance.

Technical data

Pulsation rate: 60 ppm
Pulsation ratio: 65/35 alt. 70/30 or 60/40
Weight: 280 g
Input voltage: 12V AC
Dimensions: 80x65x110 mm

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