Pulsator HP101

Suitable for:

Core benefits

  • Hydraulic pulsator
  • 60 ppm rate
  • 65/35 ratio

Stable pulsation for reliable milking 

Performance, reliability, durability

Cost-efficient and easy to use, DeLaval pulsator AP101 is designed to function well in all types of installation. Based on a proven DeLaval design, this air pulsator is solidly constructed from quality materials to provide stable pulsation. It maintains a constant pulsation rate and ratio (at whichever rate and ratio range it is set), to ensure rapid milking and good udder health. 


DeLaval pulsator AP101 can be used for cow, buffalo, goat or sheep milking. It is mainly applicable for bucket milking systems and RTS, the pipe installations that go round the shed in tied up milking. It could also be used for rotaries and parlours, as an alternative or back up pulsator, since it does not need electricity to function.

Pulsation rate

Its well controlled pulsation can be adjusted for different animals, providing stable pulsation within a range from 60 to 90 ppm. DeLaval pulsator AP101 meets the ISO standard for pulsators. The streamlined pulsator is made from quality materials inside and out to ensure durability and reliability, with high quality rubber membranes providing the airtight hermetic seal which ensures stable pulsation. 

Pulsation ratio

The pulsation ratio can be set at the right level for the particular animals being milked. It can be set at 65/35, 70/30, or 60/40.


DeLaval pulsator AP101 is designed to function well in all types of installation, with particular emphasis on bucket milking or pipe installations. It has a specially designed air filter, so difficult farm conditions are not a problem. It needs no electricity, and this plus its ingenious construction makes it easy to install.


DeLaval pulsator AP101 is durable and extremely wear resistant, designed to provide reliable precision performance in many environments and conditions.

Technical data

Pulsation rate: 60 ppm
Pulsation ratio: 65/35
Weight: 400 grams
Ambient temp: max +55° C


pulsator HP101

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