Milking unit MU480

Suitable for:

Core benefits

  • Two-level vacuum (Duovac)
  • Indicator for low milk flow
  • Electronic pulsation
  • Integratable to DelPro system

Wireless communication for milking management

A key part of DeLaval DelPro dairy management system is the new milking unit, DeLaval DelPro™ MU480. It is a lightweight, portable and automated unit which simultaneously provides for optimum milking while being wirelessly linked to the central computer.

DeLaval DelPro MU480 sends and receives accurate information automatically. Once the cow has been identified, if there are any alerts or alarms they will instantly be notified, while the cow is being prepared for milking. Milking data is sent with the same speed and accuracy. 


Portable milking unit equipped for two way communication with the DeLaval DelPro dairy management software. This ensures milking data is sent and milker warnings are received, saving time and avoiding costly mistakes.

Stable vacuum

Vacuum stability system so milking vacuum in the cluster remains optimum even with high flow cows. This optimizes liner action and milking speed, ensuring fast, complete and safe milking out. It also enables a more effective cleaning process.


DeLaval DelPro MU480 operates with a range of clusters, including clusters specifically for high yielding, high peak flow cows, so you can choose the cluster most suitable for your herd.

ID control

Smart ID predicts the cow number based on previous milking routines. This speeds up milking and encourages consistent routines.


Has an ICAR approved milk meter, for internationally approved accuracy in registering milk yield. It is also equipped for ICAR milk sampling. Milk samples can easily be taken and tested whenever necessary.

Automatic cluster removal

Flow controlled automatic cluster removal (ACR), which saves time and labor, while preventing teat damage caused by over milking.

Pipeline support

Milking unit will link with pipeline support and carrier rail to make milking easier while still being flexible and portable. The milking unit is compatible with DeLaval dynamic testing and diagnoses DDTD, the DeLaval service and testing program.


This wireless communication is a real breakthrough for stanchion dairying. DeLaval DelPro MU480 will provide up to the minute information on cow productivity to support the decision making process.

Daily milk yield records are one of the most important components in dairy management, used to:

• Calculate and evaluate feed rations
• Identify cows in heat
• Provide early identification of potential health problems
• Calculate the actual lactation curve
• Evaluate long-term milk production of individual cows to plan breeding and culling.

With DeLaval DelPro MU480 as part of the DelPro dairy management system, daily milk yield records will be instantly accessible and ready to use, offering you better control of your operation.

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