Original liners

Suitable for:

Core benefits

  • Higher production
  • Faster milking
  • Less slip
  • Better teat health
  • Optimized for DeLaval Equipment

On a milking machine, the liner is the only part of the milking equipment that is in direct contact with the animal. The quality and characteristics of each liner greatly influence milking performance and overall animal health. It is important to choose a liner that best meets the demands and needs of your dairy in an effort to optimize the speed and efficiency in which you milk and the health of your herd.

DeLaval recommends replacing liners at the end of their recommended milkings. Performance and hygiene are put at risk if liners are used past their recommended milking life.


DeLaval Original liners have been designed to maximize milking parlor performance on your DeLaval milking equipment. DeLaval Original liners are made from the best rubber compounds available. Each of our liners unique characteristics have been adapted to optimize the milking machine and to provide minimal stress on your cow’s teats. DeLaval Original liners stimulate the cow in the best manner possible to achieve high milk production, and lower unit on time.

Liner selection

DeLaval offers a wide assortment of liners to fit a wide range of cluster types and to meet your specific production demands. Your liner selection depends on several criteria. The first criterion is related to hardware. The liners should fit your current equipment. When you know your claw, shell and cluster cleaner or jetter cup type, it will be easy for a DeLaval representative to tell you what liner options will fit your equipment. You also need to consider your herd’s average teat size and udder confirmation when choosing a liner that will best suit your dairy. Your local DeLaval dealer can assist you in this critical exercise and decision. Unlike what other liner companies would have you believe, one liner does not fit all herds.

To find the best liner option for your herd, contact your local DeLaval dealer.

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