DeLaval low slip liner LS-01

Less squawk, more milk

Suitable for:

You know that sound when a liner slips. It means slower milking, longer unit on-time and increased work load for your milking crew. DeLaval’s new family of low-slip liners reduce squawk while boosting output and throughput in your parlor.

Core benefits

  • Fewer slips and reduced squawking
  • Faster milking and throughput
  • Higher yields
  • Fewer re-attaches

When you milk 24/7, small disruptions can make a big difference. A few lost minutes can result in hours of stress while you make up for lost time. A low-slip liner results in less hassle,  smoother cow flow, and less mastitis.

DeLaval offers a range of low slips liners designed to work with a variety of milking operations.

DeLaval liner

Nipple size


LS-01 SR

10 mm

Soft reinforcement

LS-01 SR

12 mm

Soft reinforcement

LS-01 R

12 mm

Reinforced cogwheel-style short milk tube

LS-01 NC

12 mm

Nipple-less claw

Be original – it’s worth it

Remember, it pays to stay original. Copycat liners can’t do the full job. And old liners just cost you money.

Often copied, we continually strive to make good products even better. Click here to find out more about DeLaval original liners.

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