DeLaval Clover™ liner

The gentle liner that delivers

Suitable for:

DeLaval Clover™ liner is the first of its kind. Its design ensures gentle milking as well as high performance, so now you can enjoy both attributes in a single liner.

Core benefits

  • Better teat end health
  • Full contact and grip
  • Superior milking performance

The unique, patent-pending clover shaped design of DeLaval Clover™ liner provides a firm yet gentle grip on the teat throughout the milking cycle. This keeps the liner in the proper milking position, providing a gentle massage and ensuring the animal’s comfort during the milking process. The DeLaval Clover™ liner helps promote udder health by providing gentle relief to the skin and teat-end. The full contact and firm, gentle grip of the liner result in a low slip with less crawling and a fast and complete milk-out.

High performance

Like all DeLaval liners, the Clover™ liner is designed to deliver the highest possible performance. Trials have shown that DeLaval Clover™ liner helps milk faster, achieve higher yields, and milk more completely than triangular liners (graph 1).

Clover liner trial results 

Graph 1. DeLaval Clover™ liner milking performance trial

DeLaval Clover™ liner milks faster than a triangular liner with a vented mouthpiece. DeLaval Clover™ liner reaches the take-off of 400g/min 18 seconds faster and yields 1.5 percent more milk. (Source: Hamra milking trial 80008456, February 2013)

DeLaval Clover™ liner also offers a low and stable mouthpiece chamber vacuum - unlike the other shapes which have air canals on the side of the teat allowing vacuum to leak from beneath the teat up to the head of the liner resulting in high vacuum and slower milking (see pictures on the right). This promotes trouble-free, fast milking which makes the DeLaval Clover™ liner the ideal choice for any dairy farmer.

Unique clover shaped liner

The unique clover shaped design of the Clover™ liner features a combination of thinner and thicker barrel sections and large rounded corners, providing optimal performance, massage and gentle teat treatment.

Technical data

FDA approved

FDA approved

BfR approved

BfR approved

Available models:  
DeLaval Clover™ liner SR 10mm DeLaval Clover™ liner 20M
DeLaval Clover™ liner SR 12mm DeLaval Clover™ liner 20S-ST
DeLaval Clover™ liner R 10mm DeLaval CloverTM liner 20M-EX 
DeLaval Clover™ liner NC  
Suitable clusters:  
10mm and 12mm nipple claws Harmony
12mm flange style Harmony Plus
Milking cluster MC30 Milking cluster MC73
Milking cluster MC70 Milking cluster MC53
  Milking cluster MC93

Notice the difference

DeLaval Clover™ liner:

Clover shaped liner

Squared shaped liner:

square shaped liner

Triangular shaped liner:

Triangular shaped liner

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