DeLaval Cell Counter DCC

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Core benefits

  • On-time somatic cell count
  • Daily somatic cell count
  • Right decision in time

Improve your herd's udder health

Feel confident about your herd's health at any given time. On-time information lets you take action proactively, to efficiently control the performance of your herd.

Daily monitoring of the somatic cell count level and trends will give you in-depth knowledge of your herd, a necessary base when planning for the future. 

Early detection of mastitis
- Treatment at an early stage
- Quick recovery and less production loss
- Efficient control of mastitis
- Less risk of penalties or loss of bonus payment

Dry cow management
- Monitor which cow or quarter that needs treatment at drying off
- Less use and cost of antibiotics

Efficient follow-up of fresh cow udder health
- Early detection of infected cows for relevant treatment
- Clear signal when to send milk to the tank

Immediate follow-up of mastitis treated cows
- Clear signal if the cow is successfully treated
- Clear signal when to send milk to the tank

Direct check of udder health at purchase and sale
- Less risk of spreading mastitis into or out of the herd

Clear visibility of the somatic cell count whenever you like
- Personal satisfaction of taking the right decisions in time


cell counter DCC

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