DeLaval safety pumps

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Suitable for:

Core benefits

  • Manual dispensing
  • For any manual cleaning system

DeLaval safety pumps are designed to pump acid and alkaline cleaning chemicals, teat care products, oils and lubricants, and crop chemicals.

These high quality hand pumps incorporate a unique pumping principle and offer many safety features to help protect the operator, his employees and family from chemical contact.

Each DeLaval safety pump comes with a safety measure container that attaches to the outlet of the pump. This means the operator can measure the product more accurately without coming into contact with it.

Unique pumping principle

The DeLaval safety pumps incorporate a unique pumping principle with no critical fitting parts. This means there is no friction to be overcome in the pumping action and therefore no wear. These pumps are designed to last 5 plus years and can be serviced using a service sit containing a set of pumphead seals and butterfly flaps. These parts can suffer some chemical attack over time.

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