DeLaval robot scraper RS250

Suitable for:

Core benefits

  • Can work in any barn layout
  • Recommended in up to 250 cow barns
  • For slatted floors

Robot scraper at your service

Flexible, silent and animal friendly, DeLaval robot scraper RS250 is a real robot for fully automated cleaning of slatted floors. Program the route or routes you want it to travel, and it will do just that: turning left or right, winding around cross alleys, straight down long alleys, cleaning round every corner – and not disturbing your cows at all.


This robot scraper is highly mobile, fully automated, and can work in any barn layout with slatted floors. It makes it much easier to plan a barn, as you are not restricted by fixed manure scraper requirements.

It is low maintenance and has an integrated cow safety system.

Battery powered, travels at a steady 4 m per minute, DeLaval RS250 clears manure from up to 250 cows. It can clean a barn five times per day – then recharges itself for the next round.

It requires hi-tech connectivity for route programming.


robot scraper RS250

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