DelPro™ dairy management

DelPro dairy management woman and milking unit

DeLaval DelPro™ is a integrated dairy management system designed for stanchion barns – a modern tool for traditional dairying. It uses wireless communication to deliver automated dairy management for stanchion barn farmers.

A superior new milking unit with ICAR approved milk meter is integral to the system, with ‘Smart ID’ to help identify cow numbers and reduce work routine times while improving milking performance and accuracy. Information is sent and received automatically, in a two way data flow – with barn-based milking units and feeding equipment linked to the computer based software which collects, analyses and monitors the data.

Upgrade your stanchion barn easily to DeLaval DelPro with a minimum of disruption – modernising the business and helping to boost profits – without the risk or cost of completely changing your milking system. DeLaval DelPro will hand you better control.

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