ALPRO™ herd management

ALPRO herd management man walking with cows

This is the efficient tool which simplifies daily operation of your dairy farm, analyses what is happening now and provides essential information for long- term planning. ALPRO delivers information you will use to do the right things, every day.

The ALPRO™ connected equipment

Whether you want to benefit from improved milking, feeding, breeding, sorting, weighing, or data analysis for decision support, ALPRO™ is the key. The modular system means that you can start with your most immediate need, and gradually add more herd management functionality.

With each cow clearly identified, you can track individual milk yield and deviations; boost milk production with in- or out-of-parlor feeding; reduce labor with the automatic sorting system; improve breeding performance with the activity meter system; or gain a better grip on herd health with all the sensors combined with information on individual and group body weight.

ALPRO™ software for Windows®

The software program that processes all the information. The large working database holds comprehensive cow milking, feeding, breeding and health records, plus historical data on individual cows and the whole herd. Clear graphics provide easy to read reports, action lists, and graphs. You can customize reports and comparison tables for instance to suit your particular needs.

Daily overview, deviation alarms, and action lists

  • Attention board
  • Daily calendar


  • Breeding list
  • Eligible breeders report (open cows)
  • Suspected abortions report
  • Candidate to dry off report
  • Expected calving dates report
  • Candidate for pregnancy check report
  • Breeding deviation report (problem breeders)


  • Event summary
  • Ailment summary
  • Vet report
  • Suspected post calving problems
  • Health check
  • Cow status
  • Cow notes
  • Treatment
  • Low activity report
  • Cow weights
  • Blood and conductivity attentions

Milk production 

  • Milk production for herd, groups and individual reports
  • Low yielders report
  • Milk shipment record

Milking efficiency 

  • Milking performance, milk yield, milk flow, duration
  • Liner slip attentions
  • Air block attentions
  • Milking routine efficiency graph and report in parlor
  • Milking incidents, cow re-attached, manual control, kick off, manual cluster retraction
  • Problem yield for cows not milked or doubled milked today
  • Equipment performance report
  • Herd milk test report


  • Monitor feed consumption with alarm after 8, 24 and 72 hours
  • Calculate ration change with feed tables
  • Change group with feeding consistency validation

Animal transactions 

  • Import export complete data from a cow coming from another ALPRO farm
  • Export data for cows leaving the herd
  • Data exchange with national DHIA (in some countries)

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