Integrated Feeding Solutions

Feeding is the largest milk production cost. Optimizing feed management is therefore a profitable investment – one that can improve herd reproduction and longevity, while reducing environmental impact. DeLaval innovations improve feeding efficiency and animal performance, regardless of existing feeding strategy or farm layout.

DeLaval was the first company to launch an automatic feed cart and also the first to develop automatic feed stations. We continue to integrate our feeding technologies into powerfully integrated management tools. No other company can integrate feeding and milking technologies into one complete management platform like DeLaval.

We offer a full range of feeding solutions from calf to cow. Contact your local Delaval dealer today and ask for him to stop by with a DeLaval Feeding Specialist or click on the links below for more product information.

Automatic Feeding

LONGEVITY by Feedtech

Feedtech Hay and Silage


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