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Pre-post and Barrier Teat Dips

Suitable for:

OceanBlu is a premium non-iodine based pre-post and barrier dip for year round use. It features patent pending GlyTec™ technology which is based on glycolic acid, a natural constituent of milk. Glycolic acid is also used in the cosmetic industry to improve human skin conditioning.

Core benefits

  • Powerful broad spectrum germicide delivers results
  • Pre-post product: dip, spray or foam
  • Barrier product: dip only
  • Strong blue color for easy visibility
  • 3% glycolic acid
  • Ready-to-use product does not require special mixing equipment
  • Improves skin condition

Glycolic acid alone has a limited germicidal effect, but OceanBlu contains proprietary surfactants that breaks down the walls of the bacteria quickly and effectively leaves bacteria defenseless against the glycolic acid. This technology is called GlyTec.

Four good reasons to trust OceanBlu:

Excellent skin conditioning properties

Rich in emollients, OceanBlu hydrates and softens the teat skin, keeping it healthier and limiting the risk of bacteria colonizing the teats and causing mastitis. Based on glycolic acid and  formulated with DeLaval’s exclusive GlyTec technology, OceanBlu contains complexes that exfoliate and penetrate into the skin’s cracks and wrinkles to hydrate, promote healing, and improve teat conditioning.

2 Powerful mastitis control

A new germicidal platform using GlyTec technology, OceanBlu goes to work quickly to kill bacteria in and on the teat. Its 15-second killing performance is equal to the best iodine based products on the market. A patent-pending blend of glycolic acid and surfactants, OceanBlu has excellent disinfection properties to provide fast reduction of contamination that can lead to contagious mastitis. It’s one technology for all seasons.

3 Excellent visibility

The strong blue color of OceanBlu is easy to identify on cows that have been treated in both pre-post and barrier application. Highly visible and elastic, the OceanBlu barrier dries to a film, clinging exceptionally well and standing up harsh environmental conditions. And OceanBlu is non-staining for both the cow and milkers.

Safe and effective

OceanBlu is ready to use, requiring no mixing before application. OceanBlu Pre and Post dip is ideal for sprayable and dipping use, and is compatible with DeLaval’s VMS™ robot. OceanBlu Barrier provides long-lasting film persistence on the teats, maintaining its performance in the barrier. The easy-to-remove film remains an active germicide that continues to disinfect the teat and teat canal between milkings.

Current Availability

OceanBlu™ is currently only available in the United States.

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