DeLaval cow mattress M45S

Suitable for:

Core benefits

  • Strong, flexible top cover
  • Thick foam mattress
  • Optimal traction for cows

Premium comfort and hygiene

- Thick latex foam with a flexible synthetic top cover provides premium comfort.
- Installation method ensures safe and animal friendly cubicles.
- Seamless surface for easy cleaning and improved hygiene.

Flexible, soft and kind to your cows

The DeLaval M45S is made up of a strong, flexible, synthetic top cover and a thick foam mattress. This combination provides your cows with a premium comfort solution that encourages them to follow their natural behaviour of drinking, eating and resting.

The high level of softness combined with a light grip pattern on the top surface provides optimal traction and confident footing.

DeLaval M45S is hard-wearing and has shown good durability during more than five years of field-testing. In addition, the mattress has gained DLG Signum Test approval.

Safe and comfortable in the entire resting area

The M45S is installed by folding the top cover over the foam mattress. The cubicle is then completely covered with foam and provides a high level of comfort over the entire resting area.

This installation method provides an even surface with no sharp edges encouraging your cows to enter the cubicles with confidence and with less stress.

The M45S aids in providing a calm and comfortable environment for your cows to produce more milk.

Hygienic, seamless top-cover

DeLaval M45S offers a high degree of hygiene because it is seamless and does not have joins that trap dirt. The mattress is also waterproof and resistant to manure, urine, UV and micro-organisms. A cleaner environment improves hoof and udder health, and milk quality.

Technical data

M45S Size Material Thickness
Foam 120 x 180 cm Polyurethane/latex 40 mm
Top-cover width: 2,05 m
length : cut to measure
length : cut to measure   2 mm
Plastic foil On rolls LD polythene transparent plastic 0.2 mm


mattress M45S

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