Cow comfort

What is real cow comfort? How can it be judged? But more importantly, how can it contribute to profitable dairy farming? Talking about cow comfort involves listening and understanding numerous opinions on this topic.

Recently researchers and producers have put more attention on creating a comfortable environment for dairy cows. Observation and experience show that cows housed in a comfortable environment produce more milk and generally live healthier, longer lives.

Cows can’t explain what makes them comfortable

But we can observe and measure cow activity, behavior and environment – then correlate to our observations with what appear to be comfortable cows. 

Cows should have plenty of quality feed and water, fresh air, a soft and clean resting surface plus sound footing. Now that’s cow comfort! Cows should behave naturally and stand or lie down easily. Is that happening in your dairy? Mastitis, sore feet, rubbed necks, and rubbed or swollen hocks can indicate cow comfort problems. 

In this “Efficient Cow Comfort” booklet, you will find all the basic information about cow comfort based on their behavior and needs. Cow comfort is not a product or  tool – it is what’s happening in and around the barn 24/7. Seasonal variations influence their well-being.

Most of all, cow comfort should be judged and managed with knowledge. Please read this booklet and find out how cow comfort can contribute to your profitability. Tell  us your thoughts. Together we will make dairy farming profitable and comfortable.

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